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Micheala helps launch a new campaign to show the value of nurses in social care

Mon 19 Apr 2021 - posted by PJ Care
Specialist nurse at PJ Care, Micheala Russell, has been invited to be part of a new campaign to promote the role of nurses in social care.

Micheala, whose job it is to assess the needs of potential new residents, is a founding member of ‘Movement for Improvement’ (MFI), an initiative by Care Talk

Its aim is to create a cohort of social care nurses to share good practice, improve outcomes for those they care for and tackle the inequity nurses in social care face.

The forum will bring together past social care nurses, finalists and winners from The Great British Care Awards, as well as nurses from the wider sector.

Micheala is currently a finalist in the ‘Care Innovator’ category of the Great British Care Awards for introducing a new referrals department at PJ Care.  By dedicating nurses with the appropriate skills to assess whether individuals are suitable to move in, 50% more people are being admitted from home or inappropriate placements.

Care Talk asked her to contribute to MFI because of having “demonstrated outstanding practice in this field.”

“I’m thrilled to be part of this,” she said, “primarily because this is a fantastic initiative that will give nurses in social care greater recognition and support.

"Nurses’ positive experiences and career choices are often overlooked in social care.  MFI aims to support nursing colleagues to receive the right support and development, building on skills, knowledge, quality and innovation with shared ideas and goals."

It was announced in February 2020 that nurses working for local authorities and in social care were not eligible for the new personal training budgets promised by the government.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further highlighted the already existing disparity in the sector.  This initiative is the opportunity to drive forward to tackle the inequity nurses in social care face.

You can get involved by registering for the inaugural online event here

You can also follow the campaign on social media using the hashtag #MoreThanJustANurse