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A day in the life – Darryl Jones

Thu 16 Dec 2021 - posted by PJ Care
It’s 8.00am and Darryl Jones has just started work at our Mallard House care centre in Milton Keynes.

Having changed his outdoor clothes for freshly-laundered scrubs, he says “good morning” to those residents who are already up and about.

His first job of the day is to clean the communal areas.  He usually works alongside Maria and the pair work together to keep the centre clean.

“It’s good that we’re usually on shift together, I like working with Maria,” says Darryl.  “We get on well.”

A former warehouse worker, Darryl joined PJ Care in April 2020, shortly after the beginning of the pandemic.   He didn’t have any worries about coming into a care environment because of the strict hygiene measures in place.  He’s very modest about the part he now plays in that.

“I don’t really think about.  I know it’s been an important job in the last 18 months but I just get on with it.”

Once the communal areas are clean, Darryl moves on to the residents’ rooms.  It’s a great opportunity to chat and he’s built good relationships with many of them.

Rooms are deep cleaned in rotation and today, it’s the turn of Simon and Julian’s* rooms.  Darryl moves furniture to clean behind it, washes the windows and makes sure every surface is sanitised as well as dusted.

He says he gets a lot of satisfaction from his job.

“It’s a nice feeling, helping people.  I have a laugh and a joke with the residents.  They will chat about their lives and I really enjoy spending time with them.”

Lunch for Darryl and his colleagues is either in the garden or in the rest room created for staff on each unit.  They can also use the space to take a moment to safely remove their face masks and have a drink.

“PJ Care handle the situation well,” says Darryl.  “I’m tested very regularly and I was at the front of the queue for vaccinations.”

In the afternoon, clean washing returns from the on-site laundry and Darryl and Maria put it away for residents.  Because they are on the floor all day, the housekeeping team work alongside our carers, and if they need an extra pair of hands to support a resident, Darryl is always ready to help.

“We have our own jobs to do but we all work as part of a team,” he says.

All of the bedrooms are now clean and the day quietens down as it turns into evening.  Once dinner is over, residents begin to head for their rooms and Darryl is focused on keeping the communal areas clean.

“I like my job.  I often get overtime, which is useful, and I get on with everyone.  It’s a really nice place to work.”

If you'd like to become one of our housekeeping staff, have a look at our latest vacancies.

* Not residents’ real names

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