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“I can’t imagine working anywhere else.”

Wed 28 Jul 2021 - posted by PJ Care
Lead carer, Linda Germano, is working her way towards her ambition of marking 20 years at PJ Care. 

With just a year and nine months to her target, she has no doubt she'll achieve it.

"I honestly can't imagine working anywhere else!" she said.

Linda started as a kitchen assistant at our Bluebirds care centre, the only one we had back in 2003.  She'd come to us from a sandwich factory because of the increasing need to use literacy skills in her role, something she'd struggled with throughout her school and adult life.

When we asked her to take a food hygiene course, she panicked and told us she'd have to resign.

That was just the beginning of PJ Care's support for Linda.  Questions on the course were read to her and answers filled in on her behalf.  Reading support was brought in for her at work. 

Linda remembers her pride at being able to go home and read a story to her eight year old daughter.

Her rapport with residents was quickly spotted and she was soon asked to become a 1-2-1 carer.  With support in her training, she achieved her NVQ Level 2 and is now an activity champion and a Wellbeing Angel.

"I still struggle with reading and writing but I often ask the residents for help with spelling.  I think they like feeling they're able to help me!  I don't always have to write notes on their care plans, I can use voice recordings to document the care I've given."

Linda is now our longest serviing member of staff.  She can't speak highly enough of the support she's been given and describes PJ Care as "one big family".

"There's a lot of paperwork in care these days but no-one should be afraid to apply for a job at PJ Care because they struggle like me," she said.

"I can't explain how much they do for you.  I would love to retire with them, to work here for as long as I can."