What we do

Support Services

Residents have access to a range of both clinical and non-clinical support services. All of our services are in-house which means that we can ensure the highest quality of provision.

Therapies and Activities

Every resident has a personalised health action plan and access to a range of therapies including: neuro-physiotherapy, neuro-occupational therapy, speech and language therapy, neuro-psychiatry and neuro-psychology. Other therapies are sourced in accordance with the requirements of the individual.

We also have dedicated and highly motivated social engagement and activity teams who provide our residents with a variety of therapeutic activities reflecting their personal hobbies and interests.

Where possible residents are encouraged to access the facilities within the local community using public transport or our own vehicles.

Our Daily Activities Centre also allows residents the chance to get out and about and enjoy a range of sensory, relaxing and stimulating activities.


All our units have direct level access to an outdoor space and gardens specifically designed to meet the needs of all our residents. Our gardens have non-toxic, sensory-inspired plants to delight the senses with an array of textures and smells, they also have wide pathways making them accessible to wheelchairs and beds ensuring that all our residents have the ability to go outdoors.


Fresh food is something we wholeheartedly believe in at PJ Care because better food means better nutrition and better nutrition aids healing and promotes a healthy body and mind.

Wherever possible we use high quality fresh ingredients, often purchased locally, and all our dishes, cakes and pastries are freshly home-made in our 5* Food Standard Agency accredited kitchens. Our chefs, nutritionists and dieticians work closely with you and your family to formulate menus that take into account personal likes and medical needs, such as allergies. In a care environment, food is a big part of the day, so we want the experience to be pleasurable and happy.