What we do

Jon Olsen

Job Title: Regional Manager - Peterborough

Jon’s professional background is in social care and as a psychologist.  Jon has 15 years of experience as a senior manager in adult health and social care services, most of which has been in the field of adult mental health.  Jon has operational experience of the following areas in his portfolio:

- Community and in-patient care for older adults, including dementia services
- Community and in-patient services for adult mental health
- Primary care psychology and mental health services
- Lead for adult and older adult social care

As a part of his operational portfolio, Jon also has significant experience of leadership in regard to CQC Compliance, clinical governance, business tendering processes, NHS Continuing Health Care, change management and financial processes. 

Jon is absolutely committed to the highest standards of care, where not only are people’s physical needs met in a person-centred way but also their psychological well-being is addressed as well.  This can only be done through supporting the excellent staff here at Eagle Wood to have the very best in training, but to also ensure we all hold each other to account to embed the company values of Compassion, Commitment, Care in our everyday practice.