Placement Process

Placement Process


Please contact our dedicated team by phoning 01908 648198 or by emailing

To contact a specific member of our referrals team please make contact via email

Micheala Russell, Specialist Nurse

Charlotte Coleman, Nurse Assessor

Sara Zielinska, Administrator  



Prior to admission you will receive a comprehensive pre-admission specialist nursing assessment. 



We encourage potential residents, their families, commissioners and social workers to visit our care centres. Please contact us at to organise a show around at one of our services.



Based on the assessment outcome, an offer letter with the weekly price calculation will be provided to the funder, whether this is an NHS commissioner, a social worker or private individual. A copy of the pre-admission assessment will also be provided identifying areas of the resident's specialist requirements and care needs, including an overview of the therapies and social engagement that will be part of their care pathway.



Following confirmation of the care agreement we will arrange a suitable date for admission to our service. All bedrooms will be freshly decorated and personal effects can be moved in.

The clinical manager and Our Family Liaison Officer will be on hand to help you with the transition and any on-going support along with the rest of the clinical team.



Our multi-disciplinary team will create a specialist care plan which will be assessed over an initial agreed period. A multi-disciplinary care review will then take place, to which you will be invited, where our team will provide clinical reports to confirm the on-going care pathway.