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Phil's Walk For Children

Sat 21 Apr 2018 - posted by PJ Care

Due to Phil’s condition he is limited in his ability to undertake any sort of exercise so this selfless act of charity will be a massive achievement for Phil.

After watching the new Band Aid song he felt inspired to do something to have a positive influence on the children afflicted by Ebola, the deadly disease which is causing such devastation across Africa.

Phil will be joined and supported by Charlotte Little, Lead Nurse of Brunel Unit Mallard House, on his charity walk. Charlotte Little has recently won Good Nurse of the Year at South East Great British Care Awards.  

Sally Finch, unit manager of Brunel unit has this to say about Phil’s amazing work for charity; “Phil faces many challenges in his life and for him to undertake this walk is beyond commendable as it will be extremely difficult for him to walk that distance.

We are all so proud of him on the Unit and will support him as much as we can. I hope everyone will make a donation as it will be a tremendous boost for him if he can raise a really significant amount.