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Local Woman Gets a Royal Surprise

Sat 21 Apr 2018 - posted by PJ Care

Jean, a resident of Eagle Wood Neurological Care Centre in Bretton Way, supported by her carers, sent a card to Her Majesty the Queen to congratulate her on the birth of her granddaughter, Princess Charlotte Elizabeth Diana.

To Jean’s surprise, she received a letter shortly after from Buckingham Palace thanking her for her kind wishes.

Jean said “I was really surprised to receive a letter from the Queen! I have always been a great supporter of the Royal Family and I feel honoured that someone at the palace took the time to respond to me”.

PJ Care Unit Manager, Micheala Beaney added “We encourage all residents to pursue their hobbies. Jean is such a huge fan of the Royal Family so when she told us she wanted to send the Queen a card we were delighted to help. This letter has made her so happy, it’s now taken pride of place in her room.”