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MK Innovates - An inspirational new STEM event arrives in Milton Keynes

Fri 12 Oct 2018 - posted by PJ Care

Local technology, engineering and manufacturing companies as well as all the educational establishments, will be offering opportunities to interact with gadgets, robots, space rockets and the Mars Rover, augmented reality and much more over the two days. Schools and colleges will be invited to take part in team and individual competitions to design apps and mini computer programs with a selection of prizes on offer.

Inspired by similar STEM events organised around the country, Jan Flawn CBE, founder of PJ Care and Women Leaders, wanted to bring the event to Milton Keynes, while providing a greater interactive element, so that children, and especially girls, would feel inspired to study STEM subjects.

Jan said: “STEM subjects are actually incredibly exciting and we need to encourage children and other students to consider these subjects when making their choices. There is a shortage of skilled technicians, scientists and engineers in Milton Keynes and of course these careers can pay very well.

“This two-day event not only showcases the successful industries we have in Milton Keynes, but will be fun and inspirational. For example, we have Nifty Lifts bringing in a cherry picker which is computer controlled; Nissan will encourage individuals in a build and race activity, as well as enter a competition to design the ultimate Nissan car, and Milton Keynes College will be offering a range of games and puzzles designed to excite and stimulate the mind.

“Buckingham University will be providing 30-45 minutes coding tasters for attendees (from age 10) with little or no experience in coding; Evidence Talks will be encouraging children to design a game or produce an animation over the 2 days using SCRATCH, and Arcadis will provide VR viewers and QR codes for people to add to their phones and view 3D models using their phone as a VR headset, and much more”.

For a full list of all the interactive activities and companies attending, visit the website: and sign up for regular updates to learn more about what is happening leading up to and at the festival.

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Here at PJ Care we are taking every precaution and doing all we can to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our residents and staff and their families and loved ones. We have put many new systems in place to ensure the wellbeing of all, including heightened infection control procedures, restrictions on visitors to our buildings and reducing staff movement between Units.

As a result of the inconsistencies in conducting tests and the inability to carry out antibody tests, we have taken the decision to cease all new admissions until the situation is clearer. We have taken this decision to protect our existing residents, all of whom are vulnerable and at high risk should the virus get into one of our buildings.

As with all aspects of the situation this will be reviewed daily by our board and senior management team, who are meeting daily via video conference to review the latest situation and make changes to our processes as required.

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