Visitors Policy


PJ Care’s approach to visitors is one of openness and welcome. We encourage visitors to come at any time, providing the visit does not interfere with the care of the residents. Admission to the building and each individual unit remains at the discretion of PJ Care Ltd and their authorised representatives. Permission will only be refused if a visit is not in the best interest of a resident. There are clearly times when it is inappropriate to be visiting a resident or a unit, and visitors are respectfully asked to respect our staff and residents at those times. A full explanation will always be given in these circumstances.

There are a number of practices and procedures that all visitors are obliged to follow whilst on PJ Care premises. These are detailed in this policy, and failure to follow any of these procedures may result in a visitor being asked to leave. All visitors are asked to respect the fact that there are some very ill people staying in our homes and individuals who have quite challenging and diverse behaviours. PJ Care are not responsible for the actions of its residents.


All visitors to PJ Care premises are required to sign in at reception, where they will be given a visitor’s pass. They must complete all required details including their vehicle registration information and take full note of all notices. They must also sign out and return the visitor pass on departure.

All visitors must report to the Nurse in Charge as soon as they arrive on a unit. The Nurse in Charge will advise if it is not an appropriate time to visit and if necessary, suggest a more suitable time. For example, if personal care is taking place it may be suggested that a visitor return in an hour or so; or if a resident is unwell and asleep, that a visitor return the following day.

Access to the units is via secured doors; visitors are asked to be aware that during busy periods it may take some time for a door bell to be answered, but to be assured that a member of staff will attend as soon as they are able.

Children and Pets

PJ Care is a family friendly company and welcomes children into its building; however, they remain the responsibility of their parents/guardians and must be accompanied at all times. There is a separate policy for visiting pets and other animals.

Access Fobs

Some regular visitors will be given an access fob; this will allow them access through essential doors within the building. Access fobs will only be issued following a briefing and recommendation from the Unit Manager. Access fobs must not be used to grant others access or egress to or from the building, all access fobs must be signed for and remain the property of PJ Care Ltd to be returned immediately on request. The Security Access Policy refers.

A fee may be charged to cover the cost of replacing a lost fob.

Special occasions

We recognise that it is important to continue to share special occasions such as birthdays and anniversaries with loved ones, our chefs will usually organise a cake to help celebrate an event such as these. If a visitor wants to help celebrate an occasion like this – they must let the resident’s key worker, or the Unit Manager know, what times etc – that way we can ensure visitors are able to join in with the celebration.

During the year PJ Care recognises a large number of different religious festivals, such as Diwali, Eid al Adha and Chanukah, in addition to Easter and Christmas. Visitors are asked to keep an eye on our notice boards and discuss with the Unit Manager or Nurse in Charge if they have a desire to take part in, or avoid, a particular event.

Christmas is a particularly difficult time of year for those in long term care and their loved ones. However, this is even more the case for those in care that have no family able to visit them. PJ Care are an inclusive organisation and in order to ensure that ALL residents and staff are able to celebrate Christmas, we ask that wherever possible, visitors do not attend the centres and units until after 3pm on Christmas Day.

There will always be individual cases where this may not be appropriate, for example if it would result in a resident’s next of kin spending Christmas at home on their own. In these instances, next of kins are welcome to meet with the Unit Manager to discuss and agree how they may join in on the day, but they are asked to respect the other residents and staff who have given up their Christmas to work, and to take part in the group celebrations.


Contractors will be given a different pass and access fob, they must also sign the appropriate log at reception and pay attention to the notices displayed. Contractors will be accompanied by a PJ Care employee at all times while in occupied areas.


On occasions it will be necessary for immediate family to stay with a resident late into the night, or even overnight. In these instances, PJ Care will offer immediate family a room to use if one is available, however, we cannot guarantee a room will always be available.

Requests to use rooms should be made through the Unit Manager who can also provide details of alternative accommodation nearby. It is not appropriate for young children or pets to stay overnight. PJ Care cannot provide a housekeeping service and except for in exceptional circumstances stays should last for no longer than three consecutive nights.

PJ Care cannot make up temporary beds in residents’ rooms, although close family are welcome to sit with a resident through the night if required.


Visitors are welcome to join their loved one for a meal, although these must be booked at least 24 hours in advance and a small fee is payable. This can be organised through the Unit Manager or Reception.