Visitors Policy

Coronavirus (Covid-19) policy statement


PJ Care are committed to ensuring the health, safety and wellbeing of all residents, staff and visitors at all times and operates in line with guidance and advice from the Government, Public Health England, Clinical Commissioning Groups and the Care Quality Commission. PJ Care have robust protocols in place across all units and locations that uses a level system to ensure that each unit has the appropriate staffing levels, PPE, Infection Prevention and Control Procedures, cleaning schedules, visiting arrangements in place according to the needs of the residents on a particular unit. These protocol levels are reviewed daily and the content of them are reviewed monthly or when new national guidance is issued.

In addition to these protocols at PJ Care;

We test staff and residents regularly.

Vaccinations for all have started at all locations.

Risk assessments are in place for all staff and residents.

Full PPE is provided.

Handwashing facilities have been increased on all units.

Bespoke visiting pods have been installed at each location to facilitate safe visiting when guidelines and protocol levels allow.

Recruitment of new staff continues, and training is provided for all staff in all aspects of care, health and safety, infection, prevention and control, as well as other key areas relating to Covid-19.

We are admitting new residents to all locations on a case by case basis to ensure all clinical risks are managed safely and in line with guidance.

All residents have access to a garden or other external area for fresh air and exercise.

A wide range of activities are taking place for residents and all units have mobile phones and tablets to support video calls with family and friends.

Daily briefing meetings are held with the senior management team to ensure responsive management and support for residents and staff.

Weekly team briefings take place for all staff to attend to keep up to date.

Changes to protocols are communicated with all staff to ensure that we are able to provide care and support to all residents in any pandemic.