Equality and Diversity project celebrates individuals’ heritage

The cultural heritage and experiences of staff and residents at PJ Care are being celebrated in a new project.

Led by our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion committee, the project aims to recognise the different backgrounds, lifestyles and heritage within the Milton Keynes and Peterborough care centres.

People will share their personal stories through short videos and photographs.

Head of Recruitment, Kevin Miller, will be one of the first to take part.

“We have at least 44 different nationalities at PJ Care but within that, there are a much broader range of experiences and lifestyles that make people who they are – where you’re from or what language you speak isn’t the only defining factor.

“We want to celebrate every individual with this project, and make everyone feel welcome, acknowledged and part of the PJ Care family.

“As well as celebrating difference, I think it will actually uncover a lot of similarities between us all.  My heritage is Jamaican but who I am isn’t just about geography – it’s about family, income, music, food and more.

“Some of those things will resonate with colleagues from other backgrounds and finding those similarities will really bring us all together.”

People will have the choice whether or not to take part in the project and their films will just be shown to colleagues and residents.

Chairman, Neil Russell, says PJ Care is working hard to be a welcoming employer.

“A number of our staff have completed unconscious bias training, which many of them found quite an eye-opener! 

“We want to make sure everyone here has the opportunity to be the best they can be and achieve their fullest potential no matter what their background, sexuality, gender identity or belief system.  This EDI project is a wonderful part of that and we can’t wait to learn and understand more about our colleagues and residents.”