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Sue Blessing - My Journey With PJ Care

Sat 21 Apr 2018 - posted by PJ Care

I started my role as Lead Nurse for one of the units, 3 months into my role I was nominated for Nurse of the Year which made me feel very proud and humble. I was then nominated employee of the month. Having come from the NHS this recognition was all new to me and felt strange. However, I continued to grow in strength and confidence, I worked well with the Unit Manager, all the nursing staff and the carers.

There were many changes made within the unit to enhance the care and safety for all residents and all the team. The team all grew in confidence, trust and interpersonal relationships were very strong, retention of staff was good and this made it such a lovely environment to work in. The unit was then nominated student placement of the year having had some lovely student nurses in placement.

I was then nominated by PJ Care for a Great British Care Award.

Since then I have continued to improve my knowledge and skills and was offered an Acting Unit Manager role which I have now accepted and very much enjoying.

The company see potential in their staff and will encourage and empower every individual to go above and beyond to excel.

I am very proud to be part of the company and thank colleagues for their ongoing support and advice.