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Micheala Beaney - My Journey with PJ Care

Thu 27 Apr 2017 - posted by PJ Care
I started my journey at PJ Care as a registered nurse on the complex care unit at Eagle Wood neurological care centre. I continued in this post for just a few months until I asked to transfer onto the learning disability unit, which was specific to my registration as a nurse. I was supported to do so and was then offered a position as Lead Nurse after demonstrating my passion, organisation and leadership skills.

Following a few months in the position I developed my confidence and knowledge in supervising others and this was recognised by my manager who offered me a chance to transfer to another unit as acting unit manager, which I decided to trial. I was confirmed in post as unit manager a few months later and have had the opportunity to work on all of the units at Eagle Wood to gain further skills in the different environments. An opportunity arose with a unit manager position in Milton Keynes; after consideration I felt this would be a good opportunity for me as it was closer to my home address and I really wanted to experience the “roots” of PJ Care at its first opened home, Bluebirds.

PJ Care has been extremely supportive towards me and have always recognised my abilities. I feel very valued by the company as they always see their staff as individuals with potential to progress instead of focusing on already achieved qualifications