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Bluebirds Neurological Care Centre

With 25 beds, Bluebirds supports adults with degenerative neurological conditions at all stages in the disease process. Early onset conditions affecting adults in their 30’s-50’s is a core focus, but residents are supported from throughout the spectrum of presentations to later onset and end of life care.  Residents have complex neurological conditions with mixed health conditions (renal issues, diabetes, COPD etc). There is significant variability in the presentation of residents and this leads to the need to manage unpredictability on a daily basis. Mild, moderate and severe cognitive impairments are apparent, leading to variable impairments of awareness of risks and care needs. Staff will require acute awareness of insight and awareness of the mixed presentation of residents to anticipate the level of support in any given area but the level the of impairment in independence, functional ability and self-determination is moderate to severe.  Residents on Bluebirds will likely lack capacity for making decisions in most or all domains of their life.

Residents presenting conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

Parkinson’s disease/dementia.

Alzheimer’s disease

Fronto-temporal dementia/Picks disease

Lewy Body dementia

Vascular dementia (which is more stable with stepwise changes in ability only if further vascular events occur.

Acquired brain injury conditions from disease/damage leading to dementia such as Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome (over use of neuroleptic medication given for long-term mental health problems), Syphilis, Korsakoffs disease (brain injury due to long term alcohol abuse), Huntington’s disease.

Huntington’s disease. 

Traumatic and acquired brain injury where maximal rehabilitation outcome has been achieved but where needs remain high.

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• Multi-disciplinary care team • Personalised Care Pathways
• Personalised Care Pathways
• 24 hour nursing care • Physiotherapy
• Physiotherapy
• Occupational therapy • Speech and language therapy
• Speech and language therapy
• Neuro-psychology • 1:1 support
• 1:1 support
• Individualised meal plans from award winning kitchen • Large en-suite bedrooms for personalisation
• Large en-suite bedrooms for personalisation
• Open bright social spaces

Bluebirds Neurological Care Centre

Faraday Drive
Shenley Lodge
Milton Keynes

Email address: enquiries@pjcare.co.uk


  • After many experiences in other homes for respite etc, I wanted my husband to benefit from this small, friendly and well-run home and feel he is well taken care of.

    SS - wife of resident