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We are a leading independent provider of specialist neurological care and neuro-rehabilitation. We care for people aged 18 onwards with physical illnesses, restricted mobility, difficult and diverse behaviours.

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Specialist Neurological Care

Our residents and their care are at the heart of everything we do. We strive to nurture dignity and independence through our purpose-built Neurological Care Centres, our rehabilitation units and our enthusiastic, specialist multi-disciplinary teams. PJ Care is committed to providing high quality specialised neurological care and this commitment is underpinned by our unique approach to care:


Purpose built and award winning Neurological Care Centres

Our care centres incorporate features appropriate to neurological conditions. Small groups of large bedrooms open directly onto flexible multi-purpose communal areas, with an emphasis on light and open spaces, creating smaller living areas within a larger setting.

Multi-disciplinary Team

The multi-disciplinary team works with our residents and their families, the NHS and other neurological specialists to create and continually review personal prescribed care programmes based on each resident’s changing needs.

Commitment to Training

Our staff receive continuous professional development and training at our in-house training unit. Our commitment to staff training means that we have virtually zero per cent placement breakdown, resulting in a high quality of life for residents and award-winning end of life care for those who need it.

Staff to Resident Ratios

All our Neurological Care Centres have high staff to resident ratios that are flexible to reflect residents' needs. Combined with high levels of training, this enables our staff to understand and care for those with complex needs – including those with difficult and diverse behaviours – with compassion, commitment and care without the unnecessary use of medication.

Care Models

Working closely with our residents, their family and NHS professionals, our highly skilled multi-disciplinary team are able to anticipate the needs of our residents and plan their care accordingly.

Complex care – for residents that have invasive or non-invasive artificial ventilation, those with tracheostomies, in a low awareness state or have highly complex nursing and therapy needs.

Neuro–rehabilitation – for residents with neurological conditions that need a level of rehabilitation to support them to maximise their independence and manage their condition.

The rehabilitation team will provide individualised multi-disciplinary support to implement existing rehabilitation prescriptions and programmes to people aged 16 and above. In liaison with the appropriate Rehabilitation Consultant, the care team will aim to maximise each person’s independence and quality of life.

The multi-disciplinary care team will provide individualised rehabilitation and care for people with Traumatic and Acquired Brain Injuries, all Spinal Injuries or Physical Disabilities. This includes people who have invasive or non-invasive artificial ventilation, or those with tracheostomies.

The Rehabilitation Services also care for and support people with long term neurological conditions or have highly complex nursing and therapy needs such as:- Multiple Sclerosis; Motor Neurone Disease; Muscular Dystrophy; Parkinson’s Disease; Huntington’s disease; Low Awareness States and Young Onset Frontal Temporal Dementias.

Young Onset Frontal Temporal Dementias – for residents with a diagnosis of this specific type of dementia who require a safe environment and trained staff to ensure that throughout the disease progression their quality of life is maximised.

Long term neurological conditions - for residents with conditions who require nursing and therapy to ensure their quality of life is optimised throughout the progression of their disease. Examples include: Huntington’s disease, Multiple Sclerosis, Motor Neurone disease, Parkinson’s disease, Muscular Dystrophy, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (PSP) and Multi Systems Atrophy.

Care Pathways

Working closely with our residents, their family and NHS professionals, our highly skilled and motivated multi-disciplinary team are able to anticipate the needs of our residents and plan their care accordingly.   Each resident’s Care Pathway is developed after completion of various comprehensive professional assessments and risk assessments, thus ensuring the health and well-being of the resident, which is paramount to the care team’s commitment to ensuring on going dignity and respect for each individual. 

The outcomes of the assessments underpin the implementation of the individuals holistic Care Pathway. This is a continuous process and is updated through regular review with the resident, their family/carers and NHS/social services professionals, to reflect the individual’s changing needs.

Our residents Care Pathways accommodate every aspect of their condition and can range from return to community living, long term residence with us and, where required, end of life care.

Support Services

Residents have access to a range of both clinical and non-clinical support services.
All of our services are in-house which means that we can ensure the highest quality of provision.

Therapies and Activities

Every resident has a personalised health action plan and access to a range of therapies including: neuro-physiotherapy, neuro-occupational therapy, speech and language therapy and neuro-psychology. Other therapies are sourced in accordance with the requirements of the individual.
We also have dedicated and highly motivated activity teams who provide our residents with a variety of therapeutic activities reflecting their personal hobbies and interests.
Where possible residents are encouraged to access the facilities within the local community using public transport or our own vehicles.
Our Day Opportunities Centre also allows residents the chance to get out and about and enjoy a range of sensory, relaxing and stimulating activities.


We believe that enjoyment of food is hugely important to our residents. We work hard to provide food which is appealing, nutritious and appropriate. All our food is prepared in our 5* kitchens and almost all of our ingredients are fresh and where possible, locally sourced, as part of our commitment to local communities.
Our chefs, in conjunction with dieticians, meet with each new resident to understand their personal preferences and any issues including allergies, textures, and fortifying needs.

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